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Fun, high-energy and capricious, this faerie princess resurrects 1920's flapper glam.

She's everybody's BFF, the original party girl, who know's how to keep a secret!

Playful, cheeky and sprightly, she's full of colour and mood, with a velvety voice that is as refreshing as the early morning air...

she's Dawn Le Fae after all!

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Hot and spicy, sweet and silky, one taste of Mocha Marvelass's magic will leave you craving more!

Choreographess extrordinaire, Mocha danced for 3 years for Boudoir Rouge. Not one to be limited by fear or common sense, this hot mama is also a veteran performer with Army of Sass, teaches Zumba and Pound, all of which has honed her choreography and dance skills to a red hot point. 

Mocha will make your world quake, your knees shake, like your favorite cheerleader on a propane heater. Hot damn!!



Cobra Salem started dancing before she could walk. Raised on surfing and bonfires on the gorgeous coastal waters of the West Coast of Canada by gypsies, she’s known for her dark, sultry solos, arieal work and flexibility….that sought-after edge that whispers of secrets,  on a drift of incense.

Slip to the dark side!

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Shimmer Soleil embodies the Joy of the sun dancing on the waves. She’s warmth, light and laughter, but don’t bask in her soothing sparkle too much, because this sea siren is a firecracker! She’s a tangy peachy sunbeam beachy wonder who steams up a stage. Sass shaker, heart breaker!

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Soylent Green hit the stage at age 4, in an amphitheater in the Fijian Island of Venua Levu, and hasn’t looked back.
A veteran performer of theater, music, beat poetry and comedy,  produtrix of music shows Rocktoberfest and Summer Meltdown,  she stumbled upon burlesque in the winter of 2012. She performed for 5 years under the emboldened direction of Boudoir Rouge Burlesque.
11 shows later, she branched out to co-found Iron Moon Burlesque. Her signature numbers include strip version of Thriller, drag king solo version of Prince’s Kiss, and can be found riding hell-bent onto a stage armed with her legendary glitter cannon.

Fashionable lingerie

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