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Miss Olivia Noir was born and raised in The Yukon, and like any true woman of the north, was bred with a sense of adventure. 

Wild and spontanious, fate caught a hold of her, whisking her south into the warm tender arms of the Sunshine Coast of BC where she's blossomed for the past 2 years. 

A sultry songstress with pipes of pearl, she stumbled upon burlesque through a chance meeting, and found herself in a community she didn't know she needed. Ever growing, ever changing, Miss Olivia Noir is excited that Iron Moon Burlesque has embraced her, and to finally immerse herself into her dream of taking her voice to the stage, to shine her light into all your darkest places.

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DIAMOND was forged in the fire below Celebrities nightclub in the early millenium. She brings an aerial background, acrobatics and a talent for seductive movement. The drag queens and freaks trained her in the art of make up and illusion. She has performed her style of dance at many events, clubs and stages. Feast your eyes on the magic and wait to be transfixed...a DIAMOND in the ruff!

Welcome to Iron Moon Burlesque! A co operative of entertainers, we are located on the glorious Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Our mission is to bring our bold, funny, sultry signature entertainment to the masses up and down the West Coast. Sometimes edgy, sometimes hilarious, there's guarenteed to be something to please every taste in Iron Moon Burlesque's annual tour! 

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